Oval Perforated Flatbread Pan

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18 x 7 Inch Oval Perforated Hex Disk

The Rounded Corner Hex Pan has the most airflow due to the unique hexagonal shape of the perforation. This six-sided opening allows the holes to be positioned closely allowing the maximum exposure to the heat of the oven while still maintaining strength, 50% airflow to 50% surface ratio. This airflow makes for a quick bake time and a nice brown color to your crust. Our unique raised beaded edge adds strength to the pan. Easy to use, clean and maintain makes this the perfect pan for rounded flatbreads! PSTK coating that is non-toxic, PTFE, permanent, won’t chip, peel or flake.

  • No Seasoning is needed before use
  • Raised beaded edge for strength
  • Hex perforation for maximum airflow
  • 14 gauge aluminum 
  • PSTK permanent stick-resistant finish won't chip, peel or flake off, non-toxic, PTFE free
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